Our Story

From our family to yours, Luviano Jewelers has evolved over nearly 30 years to adapt to the digital age. Led by Jeffrey Luviano, we’re committed to providing unparalleled, transparent craftsmanship. Pioneering Transformation Jeffrey Luviano is leading our charge into the digital future, ensuring that the artistry and skill that have defined Luviano Jewelers for nearly three decades are fully realized in the digital space. At LJ we focus on Low light jewelry photography without edits involves capturing jewelry in a dimly lit setting, relying on minimal artificial lighting. This approach emphasizes the natural play of light and shadows on the jewelry, showcasing its texture and depth. Unedited photos in low light often provide a more authentic representation of the jewelry’s true characteristics, avoiding the risk of over-editing, which can distort colors and details, leading to a more genuine and true-to-life depiction.

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